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FAQs Common Acupuncture Questions

Does Acupuncture hurt?

This question is a very common one, and to get right to it.  The answer is no!
With a properly trained acupuncturist, insertion of needles shouldn’t hurt at all-

Many people however experience a variety of sensations with acupuncture which can be described as:

  • Heavy

  • Throbbing

  • Dull

  • Warm or cold

Among many others!

These are what your acupuncturist will refer to as the “De Qi” or “Qi” arriving to the point ready to get to work on healing!

Here’s a review from a first time client who was very nervous about needles!

“ It took me years to work up the courage to try Acupuncture and was amazed just how painless it was - before my treatment I couldn’t do any of my barn work without pain in my shoulders and numbness in my hands really bugging me. Next day I went to work I couldn’t believe the difference! Wished I had tried it earlier!”

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The heart is King in acupuncture.jpg

How does Acupuncture affect Laughter?

Have you ever heard the saying “Laughter is the best medicine”?

When it comes to traditional Chinese medicine, there’s some very interesting truth behind that expression.

The heart is King in Acupuncture. It is the pathway in the body that governs all others and according to the TCM philosophy, every pathway also has an associated emotion and tissue. For the heart meridian these are joy and the blood vessels -

Laughter without a doubt, is a joyful experience we all enjoy - and as it turns out, it triggers a series of mechanisms in the body that dilates your blood vessels - this makes it easier for your heart to pump blood around the body and in turn lowers your blood pressure.

So.. Take that extra time in your day, and experience the benefits first hand!

Acupuncture and FEET?

Let's talk about FEET.
It’s a funny four-letter word that fascinates and repulses people equally...
I’m here to tell you that feet, whatever your stance on them.. are absolutely vital in Chinese Medicine.
There are major pathways vital for healthy mental and physiological functions that run all over the foot.
Stress, fertility, pain, digestive issues.. these are just a few of the issues we can treat from the foot!

Spend money on things between you and the ground. Your bed, tires, shoes and most importantly - your feet!

Kitten Sleeping in Pet Bed

Sleep, How Can Acupuncture Help?

Here are three acupuncture points you can massage to help with sleep.  —————————————————————-
An Mian ( translates to a peaceful sleep!) - put your finger Behind your earlobe and move it towards the back of your head over the bony protrusion right into a dip. It is usually a tender spot. —————————————————————-
Yin tang - a lot of people know this spot at the “third eye”. Located in the area between your eyebrows. —————————————————————-SanYinJiao ( spleen 6) - located on the inner aspect of your legs, about 8 cms above the bony protrusion of your ankle bone in a deep dip.
Any questions? Drop me a message.

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